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What are the laws on adoption?

If you are interested in adopting a child, what should you know about adoption laws? In particular, what should you know about the laws affecting independent adoptions, given the extraordinary media attention that contested adoption cases have received in recent years? The Baby Jessica case in Michigan and Iowa, the Baby Richard case in Illinois, and the Baby Pete case in Vermont are three cases of national prominence that shook the confidence of many prospective adoptive parents. These cases all involved birthfathers who took an interest in their children after they had been placed for adoption by their birthmothers, thereby bringing the issue of birthfathers' legal rights to the forefront.

This is the part of adoption which seems to deter people from going the do-it-yourself approach. Adoption is not a hard legal matter to do when there are two consenting parties, however this is not what lawyers and adoption agencies what you to know. They try and keep it complicated that way you will spend thousands of dollars using their services.

We have put together all of the relevant laws and important legal matters that you will need in order to complete you adoption on your own. Within the guide is a number of do-it-yourself forms and samples with step-by-step instructions on how to use the information. Adoption should not be a complicated legal matter. We have made the process simple, easy, and efficient.

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