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What is the correct adoption procedure for my family's situation?

With so many different types of adoption and ways to file it is easy to become overwhelmed. You want you adoption to be done correct. There are several ways in which you can file for an adoption. We will give you the essential information that will help you make the decision on which road is beset for you family.

The adoption of a step-child is very much like the adoption of any child. Our guide provide the terms, conditions, and procedures ('rules') that must be followed to adopt a step-child. Since a child can have no more than 2 'legal' parents at any one time; to clear the way for an adoption by a step-parent, the parental rights of the child's parent who will be replaced by the step-parent must be terminated. Most often it is the step-father that is adopting their step-child and therefore it is the parental rights of the child's biological father that must be terminated 'to make room' for the step-father to adopt his step-child.

In more and more cases, the biological parent's rights to their child have already been voluntarily surrendered; usually to avoid paying child support for the child. If the parent's rights have not been previously terminated (voluntarily or by court order), the adoption suit will necessarily seek to terminate the parent's rights as a requirement of the adoption. Generally, the parent's rights are 'officially' terminated clearing the way for the step-parent's adoption of the child at the same time as the adoption is granted by the court - in one suit - one court proceeding.

We have including all of the forms with a step-by-step guide to help you complete you adoption with no problems. Adoption should not be a complex task nor should it cost you thousands of dollars. If your adoption is between to consenting parties you can do-it-yourself. Why spend thousands of dollars on legal fees.

When you are getting started in the adoption process, one of he most significant things you will do is establish your general attitudes and philosophies about adoption. This will provide the foundation upon which you will build your adoption experience, and the framework of how you will work through the adoption process. So building a correct foundation will be essential to you having a successful and enjoyable experience with adoption.

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